Childbirth Education

How will you navigate your options, choices, and preferences, while you educate yourself in a way that strengthens your confidence and sense of readiness?

Pregnancy, birth, and parenting will transform you. Your heart will open wide. Yet even with support from family and friends, you may feel overwhelmed or unsure of your ability to birth or parent effectively. You may be inundated with information and conflicting opinions on what to do, how to prepare, and what to expect, especially with the vast amount of unfiltered experiences shared through social media and unsolicited advice.

Like a doula for your pregnancy, I hold space for you to find your way, stay connected, and deepen your roots so that you can welcome and nurture your little one with strength, confidence, an open heart, and open arms.

I offer consultant-style childbirth education that is practical and inspiring. You choose topics you need to know more about; I will provide evidence-based information in a customized curriculum. Topics may include:

  • Pregnancy, late pregnancy, knowing when labor begins
  • Creating an optimal environment and supporting labor progress
  • Comfort and coping measures for labor, including guidance for partners
  • Straightforward labor and birth process
  • Variations, complications, interventions, pain medication options
  • Miracle hour immediately following birth
  • Post-partum readiness plan
  • Breastfeeding and baby care
  • Birth preferences: summarize your options based on what you’ve learned, understand your decision-making process and informed consent

I believe birth can be safe AND meaningful, satisfying AND transformative. Let’s work together to prepare you for an experience that honors your values and your unique needs:

  • Increase your knowledge and decrease your fear about the birth process
  • Tap into inner resources for working with pain and making decisions
  • Tune into yourself and your baby
  • Trust your intuition and your body
  • Gain confidence through awareness and practice
  • Familiarize yourself with choices and decisions you may face
  • Believe in your ability to labor, give birth, and parent in your own style
As a first time mom, I was supremely excited but also scared of the childbirth process. There is a lot of misinformation regarding what should be expected and how it should be handled. My baby was due during pandemic when no one from my family could fly to be with me. Barbara came to my rescue like a fairy! She prepared me before the birth such that I felt perfectly ready for the big day. I knew Barbara through work, but her presence during the birth of my baby filled up the space that my mom would have held, were she able to travel here. Barbara will always have my gratitude for her presence and calming support during the time that I needed it the most.
– Jyoti Vasudev

Specialized coaching packages for pregnancy, post-partum, and return-to-work may be purchased as a stand-alone program or add-on for childbirth education clients.

Doula Experience

I am a member of the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) and attended Bastyr University’s Childbirth Educator Training program. I bring my prior certified birth doula experience, personal experience giving birth to two humans, and attendance at more than 15 widely varying births.