Pregnancy Coaching

Specialized coaching packages for pregnancy, post-partum, and return-to-work may be purchased as a stand-alone program or add-on for childbirth education clients. 

Like a doula for your pregnancy, I hold space for you to find your way, stay connected, and deepen your roots so that you can welcome and nurture your little one with strength, confidence, an open heart, and open arms.

Pregnancy Coaching 

  • Understand your current perspective about labor; explore what else might be true
  • Reflect on your core values and how they influence your birth and post-partum choices
  • Tap into your inner wisdom, your most powerful self, to draw from those qualities during labor
  • Identify and reduce limiting thought patterns that may amplify during labor (e.g., perfectionism, comparisons, all-or-nothing, not doing enough), and make a plan to manage these distortions
  • Build a bank of meaningful metaphors, images, and visualizations that will reframe and enhance the progressing stages of labor

Post-Partum Coaching 

  • Tell your birth story and begin to make meaning from your experience
  • Consider key moments and themes
  • Discuss and answer questions that may have come up
  • Honor all emotions and claim the transformations
  • Clarify lessons from labor to take with you into parenting, life, relationships, work
  • Hold space for you so you can hold space for the newborn

Return to Work Coaching

  • Honor your transformation: you are MORE than you were before!
  • Design empowered choices around returning to work, separating from baby, working in a different way than you did previously so you can thrive again at work
  • Build clarity and focus on your values; recognize what has changed and what remains the same
  • Manage inner critic voices and limiting beliefs
  • Commit to and practice healthy habits to nourish yourself
  • Bring lessons learned from birth into your identity as a working parent
  • Embrace both your expertise and your struggles

As a first time mom, I was supremely excited but also scared of the childbirth process. There is a lot of misinformation regarding what should be expected and how it should be handled. My baby was due during pandemic when no one from my family could fly to be with me. Barbara came to my rescue like a fairy! She prepared me before the birth such that I felt perfectly ready for the big day. I knew Barbara through work, but her presence during the birth of my baby filled up the space that my mom would have held, were she able to travel here. Barbara will always have my gratitude for her presence and calming support during the time that I needed it the most.

– Jyoti Vasudev