Kind Words

When we work together, our focus is on you to address your unique goals. Hear from others about how this investment in personal and professional development expanded their focus and accelerated their growth.


Barb does a fantastic job providing a safe environment to ideate, dream, question, and brainstorm opportunities and solutions for personal growth. She is superb in listening and synthesizing ideas into a cohesive collection that is energizing and empowering. I highly recommend Barb for both career coaching and coaching in areas of personal growth. She inspires the great adventure of self-discovery and growth!

– Denise Pyles


Barbara has been my coach for many months and has been a bedrock voice as I consider my options for the future. She heard my words, parsed through what I said, identified what I was most passionate about and intuited other meanings and unspoken goals. I was blown away at her insight and it helped me identify and then refine what I really wanted to do. She also brought new ideas to the conversation that I hadn’t considered but that were spot on with the world that I saw for myself. – invaluable! I highly recommend Barbara as a coach to help you bring out the possibilities in your future.

– Sheri Bettine

Content Coaching

I have been a successful freelance writer, ghostwriter, and artist for over 20 years. Yet somehow I recently stumbled into a gooey puddle of self-doubt about my ability, creativity, and motivation. Where did they go, and did they take the real me with them? The answer, as provided by super-coach Barb Visser, is that my ability, creativity, and motivation are still alive and flourishing inside me. Barb’s warm, perceptive, and strong coaching style gave me back myself, still there, still alive with ideas and the love of art. I cannot thank her enough.

– Kim Pearson

Childbirth Education

As a first time mom, I was supremely excited but also scared of the childbirth process. There is a lot of misinformation regarding what should be expected and how it should be handled. My baby was due during pandemic when no one from my family could fly to be with me. Barbara came to my rescue like a fairy! She prepared me before the birth such that I felt perfectly ready for the big day. I knew Barbara through work, but her presence during the birth of my baby filled up the space that my mom would have held, were she able to travel here. Barbara will always have my gratitude for her presence and calming support during the time that I needed it the most. 

– Jyoti Vasudev