Bring your nurturing self to work

Jul 20, 2020 | Professional Development, Work-Life Wholeness

Many of us bring a nurturing presence into our personal life with family and loved ones, yet arrive at work with a perception that we must leave the personal at home. Ranging from professionally neutral, to cold and uncaring, to harsh and judgmental — some corporate environments can lead employees to experience isolation, low confidence, doubt, hesitation, discouragement, or disengagement.

What if, instead, we built a workplace where people felt nurtured, cared for, and supported? When I find those nourishing environments, I thrive. I am more engaged, productive, and loyal. My work improves and my satisfaction increases, as well as my inspiration, commitment, and energy.

To nurture means to cultivate, encourage, foster, develop, feed, or sustain. When we encourage, we feed another person’s spirit. When we create a nurturing environment, we develop our colleagues, ourselves, and our business.

Nurture others. Accept nurturing from others.

It is an act of courageous personal leadership to build a culture of encouragement in your work place. Where we nurture one another, we will be able to thrive while we deliver amazing results.

What might summer illuminate?

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