Celebrate incremental and transformational growth

Sep 21, 2020 | Birth and Parenting, Professional Development

As the season turns to Autumn, I see the trees change at different paces. There is the early adopter, with its race to yellow. And the reluctant maple who holds onto green while the red-orange-maroon blush advances slowly.

Gradual changes shift things over time. Rapid changes shift things in an instant. You grow, deepen, and move forward through both motions. In labor, waves of contraction stretch you open millimeter by millimeter until completion at 10 centimeters. These incremental expansions lead to the WHOOSH of transformation (birth) that brings – in an instant – a new human being, a new mother, a new family constellation.

I believe it requires both the step-by-step willingness to try new things PAIRED with radical transformation that combine to propel you forward in the direction you want to move.

Choose to take the small steps every moment, while you remain open to radical transformation. Celebrate your growth and progress through both types of change.

What might summer illuminate?

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