Nurturing Confidence

Nurture your confidence

Join this experiential workshop where we will explore the topic of CONFIDENCE together:

– Recognize the risks of chronic low confidence and self-doubt
– Create a plan to nourish authentic confidence in your own style
– Connect with others who choose to shine brightly
– See and celebrate your brilliance

This workshop is for you if you experience self-doubt or low confidence that lingers in spite of evidence to the contrary.

Thursday, December 2, from 4:00-5:30 PM (PST), for an investment of $30.

Are you ready to have your confidence match your competence?

To succeed and lead, confidence is as important as capability. Sometimes we hesitate, or choose to play small, or stay behind the scenes rather than showing up in ways that may feel uncomfortable or a bit “too bold” or inauthentic. Let’s not stay stuck behind lack of confidence.

I believe AUTHENTIC confidence is something you can nurture, grow, practice, and strengthen. Know the risks of chronic low confidence. Create a plan. Connect with others. SHINE with your unique brilliance!

What is included?  

In this 90 minute coaching-style workshop, we will explore this topic of nurturing your confidence together through some shared content, several small-group discussions, some applied practice, and group reflection. You will also receive a resource list with top practices to nurture your authentic confidence, amplified by the fresh ideas discovered through our group discussion. 

As a workshop participant, you may book an additional private coaching session with me for an investment of $90.  

What becomes possible?

When your confidence connects with open-hearted, open-minded vulnerability, it presents as authentic strength. 

  • Increase your recognition and ownership of your unique strengths and capabilities
  • Expand your perspective to embrace paradox: “I am capable AND I am still growing”
  • Stop playing small and start setting goals that match or stretch your true capability
  • Increase your visibility in ways that matter for aligned career growth
  • Stay engaged in what matters most for you


 Quarterly Seasonal Coaching 

  • Designed as a seasonal check-in, this 90-minute coaching session can be a stand-alone moment of nourishing yourself, or it can supplement an ongoing coaching program.
  • Flexible scheduling on weekdays or weekends. We can talk over your lunch break or on a Saturday while we enjoy virtual coffee. 
  • If you’ve been considering a coaching investment, try this single session option to try it out before committing to a longer program.