Holiday Sparkle

Reclaim Your Holiday Sparkle! 

We’re entering the winter months that bring many traditions, holidays, and cultural celebrations.

What do you hope for the season? Personally, I want this time to SPARKLE. The reality, however, can be different than the dream. And that was true BEFORE the pandemic.

Do you want to bring your BEST SELF to this holiday season? Work with me in a 90 minute coaching session to prepare mindfully, remember your deepest held values, and plan how to greet the season with strength, clarity, and joy. 

What gets in your way?

For many of us, the holidays are important for many reasons and we want to share and enjoy them with family and friends. The reality, however, can end up being different than the dream. What flavor do your inner critics take? My unkind judges tempt me to compare myself with others (including social media stars and made-for-TV movies) and often repeat old messages that I’m not enough. Paired with the busy, hectic preparations, sometimes the season rushes right by and I think, “I MISSED IT!” The stress (and lack of sleep) can lead to tense and conflict-filled moments. The build up meets reality and the experience can fall flat.

For others the season might be lonely and sad. If you’ve experienced change or loss, especially around this time of year, those layers of memory and grief may play up more so than other seasons.  

Don’t miss the miracle! 

Bring your BEST SELF to the season. Reclaim your holiday sparkle and enjoy the rich meaning in your own style.

In a single 90-minute coaching session we will reconnect with your deepest values, draw from your inner wisdom, and refresh your enthusiasm so that you can greet the season with strength, confidence, and an open heart.

 Quarterly Seasonal Coaching 

  • Designed as a seasonal check-in, this 90-minute coaching session can be a stand-alone moment of nourishing yourself, or it can supplement an ongoing coaching program.
  • Flexible scheduling on weekdays or weekends. We can talk over your lunch break or on a Saturday while we enjoy virtual coffee. 
  • If you’ve been considering a coaching investment, try this single session option to try it out before committing to a longer program.